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18th February 20
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About Mayfield

A New Chapter - A New Journey


A warm welcome to everyone as we start a new era and I begin my role as your new headteacher.

I am extremely proud and excited to be the leader of your child’s school. There are many positives we can build upon and many new ideas that we will be introducing in the  coming months. Above all, everyone is raring to go and undertake this new phase in the school’s history. I feel these are exciting times - so please keep an eye out as we gradually introduce new initiatives to keep driving us forward together.

Mayfield is, and will continue to be, a school that can take advice, possess humility, listen to criticism, be strong and have conviction when required, yet accept that we are human and will constantly learn. We will not be afraid to try new ideas and make changes that we believe will improve the learning experience for our children - we will be brave and we will be bold. Daring to do is essential. I expect the best from everyone – particularly in terms of the attitude to life at Mayfield. However, this will not be at the expense of losing a sense of fun and using a common sense approach.

Be in no doubt that teaching and learning is our passion. It is our drive. It is our reason for being here. Being a dedicated teacher is more than a job it literally is a way of life – never underestimate the desire that every member of my team here possess and how every decision is taken with care and with the best intentions. Everything is geared towards our children’s academic and social development in equal measure.

Consider our vision ’valuing every achievement’ - this is central to everything we will do. It is the way we will live and learn here at Mayfield and we aim for everyone to join us in this. Ultimately we want to see each child achieving their optimum academically but with the social skills  needed to ensure that knowledge is guided by a strong moral  conscience that will make a better future for all in our community and beyond. 

Together we are stronger.

Mr GT Denton