Valuing Every Achievement

Attendance Rewards

'Valuing our Attendance Achievements at Mayfield'

Strong attendance and punctuality is essential to every child's learning and their future. When our children attend regularly and are in class on time it maximises the progress they can make. We value each and every achievement in this area and reward the children in the following ways.

100% Non-Uniform Mondays - Awarded for perfect attendance from the previous week for the entire class.

The Attendance Trophy - Awarded to our highest performing class each Monday.

Attendance Assembly - Each Monday we celebrate our weekly achievements with attendance and punctuality.

Flying the Flag Award - Awarded to each class meeting or exceeding our 96% attendance target for the year.

Seniors Fish & Chips: 100 and Up Award - Drawn weekly for one family who have 100% or the greatest improvement.

Bronze, Silver and Gold 100% Attendance Awards & Badges - Awarded termly to all children with 100% attendance in a term. 1 term = Bronze  2 terms = Silver  Full Year = Gold

Target Met Award - Awarded to children meeting or exceeding our 96% target each term. This allows for any children to be celebrated who may not be able to achieve 100% due to individual circumstances.

Top Attendance Afternoon - A special non-curriculum reward is given to the class who have the highest attendance in school each half-term.

Hot Spots - Awards given for children who arrive at school on time. These are given out weekly.

We have an in-school 'multi agency' team who meet regularly to identify areas to improve and families to work with. The team is: Mrs Carlton (Lead), Mrs Wilmott, Mr Denton, Mrs Miller, Mrs Hinchliffe

Our Attendance for 2018/2019 was: 95.7%          All Primary Schools National (Latest Figure): 95.8%

Target 2019/2020: 96%

Take a look at the 'Latest Attendance News' page in the 'Our News' section for a week-by-week update on our progress.


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