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Mrs Miller - Deputy Headteacher & Mr Woodward - Assistant Headteacher








When refreshing our vision and curriculum intent through our 'Start with Why' work in September, it was clear that our curriculum needed personalising to meet the needs and aspirations of our children.  We were charged with leading this work alongside Mr Denton and were given two clear briefs in addition to the above philosophy. 1) Ensure every subject has an equal position and is created with the subject leaders. 2) Give oracy huge prominence. Make sure our children can build vocabulary, speak, listen and present at every possible opportunity - making a literate curriculum that everyone can achieve within must have this. 

So here we are on the verge of our March 2020 implementation. We had initially aimed for January but it was clear that this was unrealistic. 

WHEN I GROW UP - A curriculum for Mayfield is ready to take its first step. It will be a term of discover as we set which plans work well and which need revisions before part two in September, but this is an exciting time. This is a new Mayfield for the new decade and, as Mr Denton says in his welcome message, lets turn the page together and dare to do. 

In this section of the website, every leader has contributed to our current position and story. Giving important rationale at every stage and outling why we have moved in the direction we have. 


* Completing phase one progression and coverage work with subject leaders on a 1-2-1 basis.

* Creating the supporting environment to celebrate outcomes within the curriculum.

* Planning for enrichment activities in relation to lunchtime and after school hours.

* Monitoring the initial outcomes or the curriculum once underway.

* Ensuring resources are well stocked, represent good value and enable our planned activities to work.

* Finally, to prepare our launch events with families in the early weeks of the curriculum.

Keep watching for news on our new theatre, library and play zones - all of which have been carefully planned and designed to help our curriculum happen and make our new Mayfield unique.  

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