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Extra-Curricular Clubs


  Project Leader: Mr Baer


All clubs are undertaken on a voluntary basis by staff and are delivered at their own goodwill.  Extra-curricular clubs will adhere strictly to their capacity as these are deemed the maximum number to ensure provision can be of maximum quality to impact positively upon all those attending.Clubs are there for the enrichment opportunities they offer, school reserves the right to refuse attendance should the behaviour of any individual be deemed detrimental to the delivery of the offer. Should clubs be over-subscribed a ‘blind draw’ will be made to ascertain the final list. We do not operate a first-come-first-served system. We will wait to see final numbers at the expression of interest deadline. The clubs are not ‘free childcare’ and should not be perceived as such when expressing interest on behalf of your child/ren. Individual club leaders will distribute their own correspondence to the appropriate year groups/bubbles outlining full details. Clubs will start at 3.15pm and will run to either 4.15pm or 4.30pm depending upon the structure of the club (this will be outlined on the correspondence). Children are collected from the playground as usual for all clubs. Group leaders will bring the children out onto the playground. Safe collection of the children at the end of each club is the responsibility of parents/guardians and by signing up to a club you are agreeing to abide by the safe collection at the appropriate time. All school led clubs are free of charge. Non-school led clubs may incur a cost. Please contact the Family Learning Mentor if you feel cost would be a barrier – we will not let this be the case.

* This list is not definitive and can be added to across the year. This is our core offer intended to help with your discussions with your children about their interests, choices and pursuits.

* It is our intention to commence this offer in September, should Covid-19 regulations alter we may need to suspend or change the clubs at short notice.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            AUTUMN TERM 1 CLUBS WILL COMMENCE IN AUTUMN WEEK 3: MONDAY 13TH SEPTEMBER.                                                                                   AUTUMN TERM 2 CLUBS WILL COMMENCE IN AUTUMN WEEK 9: MONDAY 1ST NOVEMBER.                                                                                       THERE WILL BE NO CLUBS IN WEEK COMMENCING MONDAY 13TH DECEMBER.

SPRING TERM 1 CLUBS WILL COMMENCE IN SPRING WEEK 2: MONDAY 10TH JANUARY.                                                                                          SPRING TERM 2 CLUBS WILL COMMENCE IN SPRING WEEK 8: MONDAY 28TH FEBRUARY.                                                                                                 

SUMMER TERM 1 CLUBS WILL COMMENCE IN SUMMER WEEK 2: MONDAY 25TH APRIL.                                                                                          SUMMER TERM 2 CLUBS WILL COMMENCE IN SUMMER WEEK 8: MONDAY 13TH JUNE.                                                                                          THERE WILL BE NO CLUBS IN WEEK COMMENCING MONDAY 4TH JULY.                                                                                                                    ALL SUMMER TERM CLUBS END BY FRIDAY 15TH JULY.  

A standard template letter for each individual club will be released to the relevant year group/s, by the club leader, prior to clubs commencing so that families can then make their request via the school APP. You will then receive notification of whether a place has been allocated to your child.                                                                                                        




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