Valuing Every Achievement

Fit to Learn Lunchtime Enrichment


Sports Play Leader: Miss Lloyd

As part of enabling and valuing every achievement and through precise, targeted use of our Sports Premium and additional funding from our school budget, we have created a whole new approach to lunchtimes. Rather than a traditional playground we have established play zones which create opportunities for structured games and well resourced play activities alongside adult and pupil led provision to formulate the most unique playground you will see. We have transformed this large underutilised space into a key part of our wider enrichment offer. Mental and physical well-being can be greatly enhanced with positive and active lunchtimes. We have also created a new post of 'Lunchtime Sports Play Leader' to manage and organise this provision on a daily basis and who has a team of children to assist her from across school as her 'junior' sports play leaders. 

Behaviour and rewards are managed by our Sports Play Leader team using our Star of Safety system.

We are at Stage One of the process and there is much more to come. Including the precise training of new lunchtime staff from our teaching assistant team to develop further lunchtime sports zones and activities and the introduction of other new zones including flat green bowls, remote control cars and a new Games Quad including table tennis. Its different. Its fun. Its why 'new' Mayfield is a unique and fabulous place to be. 

We have designed the Fit to Learn lunches as an ideal way to impact upon three key areas for our children:

1) Increase active participation in games and sports for key groups of children.

2) To feel mentally ready for learning in the afternoon.

3) To create leadership opportunities and responsibilities for our children.

Take a look at our lunchtime plan and poster below. 

Click here for extra lunchtime information.

* Please be aware that due to the Covid-19 bubble restrictions not all zones can currently operate or operate fully and that children will have limited choice rather than a full open choice each day with the layout looking a little different. But we will be back to full strength when we get the green light!



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