Valuing Every Achievement

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It is assumed that anyone matching either of these roles within the school will follow these expectations and agree to accept them as part of our bond of mutual trust and in the spirit of valuing every achievement.

The school’s role:

  • To keep our children safe at all times.
  • To be positive role models.
  • Foster and maintain a positive relationship with home, but establishes clear messages about expectation.
  • To enable our pupils to feel happy, safe and respected.
  • To place great emphasis upon the love of reading.
  • To ensure that the pupils learn to the best of their ability.
  • Deliver the statutory curriculum tailored to the needs and interests of our pupils - making it both fun and exciting.
  • Develop pupils’ social skills, in particular their independence, patience, empathy and resilience – so they are ready for the next stage in their life.
  • Provide timely feedback to pupils about their own progress and achievements.
  • Stretch imagination and create a desire to learn.
  • Seek to offer the widest range possible of extra-curricular opportunities.
  • Keep families informed through the various channels of communication.
  • To deploy funding appropriately to maximise impact upon pupil progress in all areas.
  • Provide feedback to parents upon social and academic progress at timetabled intervals and upon request.
  • Involve families with ideas, thoughts and next steps for the school via Parent Forums.
  • To value every achievement.


Parents/Carers/Families role:

  • Maintain regular, strong attendance and punctuality.
  • Ensure uniform guidelines are adhered to each day.
  • Monitor and support the completion of all homework and encourage their children to meet deadlines around this.
  • Read each day with their children.
  • Practice spellings, phonics and multiplication tables with their children.
  • Discuss the school day with their children.
  • Consult class teachers via recommended routes if concerned.
  • Build and maintain a positive, respectful relationship with school.
  • Understand and accept that the school’s perspective may differ from their own.
  • To be positive role models.**
  • Attend relevant information and training sessions.
  • At all times avoid the use of social media to explicitly criticise the school and/or its staff, either directly or indirectly,*** and instead use the suggested means of dialogue to resolve any concern.
  • Monitor and manage their child’s use of social media and the wider internet at all times - taking responsibility for this.
  • To ensure their children are ready for school each day – including lunchtimes.
  • To meet all agreed costs associated with school activities and maintain dialogue as required.


** The Mayfield staff should not be subject to verbal or physical threats, intimidation or behaviour and will take necessary action to maintain this as required.

*** The school will follow up any concerns in relation to this under the ‘Malicious Communication Act 1988’ and the ‘Communications Act 2013’ and pursue them as deemed necessary.



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