Valuing Every Achievement

Nurture at Mayfield


Mrs Carlton - Our Family Learning Mentor  & Mrs Hinchliffe - Our Inclusion Manager & SENDCo

If we talk about personalised provision and curriculum for our school community, then nothing is a greater exemplar than our 'nurture provision'.

Mayfield has always placed great emphasis upon support and guidance for our school community and its wide ranging level of need. We are a community school and, by the very nature of who we are, embrace everyone as an inclusive place to be. It makes us who we are. We value everyone and their achievements and journeys. We are not exclusive (and value merely what some families bring to school) we recognise that we are there for everyone and we are proud of that. As such we have always prioritised the need to dedicate specialist staffing and time to our readiness to learn and ensuring that barriers in life do not have to determine our children's futures. We are there for our most vulnerable families and children as their lives change and alter - often in ways we cannot imagine. We do our best to make a difference.

Since th arrival of our new headteacher in September 2019, we have effectively created a multi-agency team within school with Mrs Hinchliffe, Mrs Carlton, Mrs Miller, Mr Denton, Ms Wilmott and now Mrs Fleming at the heart of this and have worked to tighten and channel our work even further by investing in our brand new Nurture Room facility - designed during Autumn Term 2019. This is now a dedicated space for children and families to meet with staff and have space to support them when they most need it. The room is now accessed on a completely flexible timetable during the week and becomes the home for nuture breakfasts for some of our children and nuture lunches for identified groups. The space is still new and we have further ideas to implement with families in the coming months.

Our vision is 'valuing every achievement'  - in the nurture space we consider our part being to enable every achievement.

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