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Pupil & Sports Premium

Please find below the Pupil Premium Reports for the last three academic years.

Note that only the final review, rather than plan and aims, for 2018/2019 onwards reflects the starting point for the work of the new and current senior leadership team.  Everything before this reflects previous leadership unrelated to the new team, their vision and their aims. 

The 2020/2021 document is available on here as a working plan and is updated and evaluated as the year moves forward - and is not the final report. 

Please find below the Sports Premium Reports for the last three academic years.

Note that the plans and monies for Sports Premium were allocated for all years by previous school leadership - including almost all funds for 2019/2020 - prior to the new headteacher and his leadership team taking post in the September of that year. As such the monies for 2019/2020 were locked into existing committed agreements and provided almost no scope for revisions during this time. 2020/2021 reflects the first full opportunity to fully plan and direct funds with clear intent matched to the vision of the new Mayfield Primary School under new leadership. The new school leadership has worked hard since arrival to develop the planning and reporting format for the document - providing sharper clarity from the 2018/2019 review that they undertook and the 2019/2020 plans that they inherited in merely note form. 

* Please note the 2017/2018 document is taken in full from the leadership team at the time.                

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