Valuing Every Achievement

Reward & Sanction Systems


             LEVEL 1: Team Points (Focus on the academic achievements); Conduct Tokens (Focus on the social and moral achievements and linked to star safe behaviour.); Star of Safety Minutes.

LEVEL 2: Nomination for a school level award.

LEVEL 3: Nomination for ‘Roll of Honour’ or school leader role.


Children receive team points or conduct tokens as rewards in the first instance. Team points are recorded in class and visible to all in the Reward Bay. Totals are announced at Friday Assembly each week. A tea party is held each term for the winning house with the most team points. Conduct Tokens can be awarded for any social or moral achievement and are posted by staff or children in the Pride of Mayfield Corridor boxes. Once each class reaches their target level they can agree a class reward with their teacher. Star of Safety minutes are awarded weekly by our Play Leaders & Pupil Leader (Mr Jolley) to denote the level of safe and inclusive behaviour during our social times within school – effectively rewarding our British Values in action.

Mayfield Merit Awards are given to two children each Friday. Headteacher’s Award is given to two children each Friday. Golden Tickets are awarded to one child by each teaching assistant each week.

Roll of Honour is awarded to one pupil in each class every term at a special assembly. Children can be nominated for leadership roles across school.



LEVEL 1: Teacher Reminder

LEVEL 2: Verbal Warning (Initials recorded on white card.)


LEVEL 3: Yellow Card (Visit Headteacher, or other Senior Leader, with card – chaperoned back to class by SLT afterwards. SLT can determine whether this level requires contact with home – this may be when a trend of regular yellow cards are appearing.)

LEVEL 4: Red Card (Visit Headteacher, or other senior leader, with card – chaperoned back to class by SLT afterwards. Letter sent home by SLT supported by phonecall/contact with home at the end of the school day from the class teacher.) 

LEVEL 5: Behaviour Contract

If, in the view of the SLT member dealing with the incident, the Red Card, and/or current level of need/behaviour, warrants a meeting with family members then this would be arranged by the class teacher.

The Class Teacher and member of the SLT would then attend a meeting to agree a daily behaviour contract.

The length of the initial contract would be determined by staff and will involve the session by session reporting of progress to the senior leader involved.

This contract will then sent home each day.

Contact with home will be required upon the end of the initial contract. A review meeting may be needed if staff deem it necessary. This would be supported by the use of the contract renewal/contract end letter.


LEVEL 6: Exclusion Level (Not directly linked to the internal levels above and operates in line with LCC exclusion thresholds and criteria.)

Whilst they are hierarchical, it is not necessary to go through each level in order to escalate matters, although usually for class based situations levels 1 to 4 would be a likely, logical step-by-step process. We must ensure that for extreme situations that we can escalate to the appropriate level. The timescale for escalation is the call of the class teacher and SLT. Every day the system starts again unless Level 5 is in use (Level 6 will depend upon the exclusion timescale). Every day is a new beginning and a new opportunity with sanctions being instant as much as possible/reasonable and every achievement being valued and not lost within a negative cycle.

If a child reaches Red Card level then they will start at Level 1 again. Meaning that they can attain more than one red card in a day.

This system is also used at lunchtimes with Mrs Lloyd, our Lunchtime Leader, determining whether a yellow or red card should be issued. If issued then the child concerned would need to report to the Headteacher’s Office as soon as possible – i.e. not whilst eating their lunch or not whilst the Headteacher is leading a lunchtime zone. If this is the case the child should report to the office at the soonest point after this and remain on the blue seats until the matter is dealt with. In the absence of the Headteacher, the Deputy Headteacher, or other member of the SLT, may be called upon.

No other systems will be used at any time of the school day.

Any member of staff can use the system but non-teaching staff should refer their level of sanction to the person responsible for leading learning if they deem a yellow or red card level is being recommended. 

When teaching assistants, HLTA or cover teachers are leading classes they are to make the call on whether a yellow or red card should be issued. 





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