Valuing Every Achievement

Star of Safety - British Values in Action


British Values are central to our vision that our children need to be socially, morally and academically ready life beyond Mayfield and social achievement are imperative and will be acknowledged and rewarded consistently. We aim to take the values on put them into practice. We see breaktimes, lunchtimes and extra-curricular times as key to testing this. As a result our Star of Safety and Attitude to Learning Matrix have been created to measure our progress and achivements at all times during the school week.

The Star of Safety below is our children's way of measuring their attitude towards school and others. The children, via the Lunchtime Play Leaders, score their own safety mark and make recommendations about the level of reward that should collectively be received and any individuals who have been shining examples of star safety each week. A midweek assembly focuses upon this and we are currently making plans for an outdoor display which allows the children to update this and nominate individuals. 

The Attitude to Learning Matrix (elsewhere on the website) is our practical, adult guide to rewards and sanctions. Our Star of Safety is our child friendly version of this matrix making it easy for every member of our school to understand and meet expectations, whilst being very clear when behaviour breaches the Star of Safety standard.

Both the Attitude to Learning Matrix and Star of Safety standard put our Mayfield and British Values into action. It is important our children are aware of these values yet we believe a valued achievement is when they can personally implement them successfully and independently. 


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