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Our Governance



Chair of Governing Body: Mr M. Burge

Vice-Chair of Governing Body: Mrs L Musson

Chair of Resources: Mr C. Ballard

Chair of Standards & Effectiveness: Mrs M. Van De Kaa-Thomson

Chair of Pay Committee: Ms J. Clarke

Lead Governor for Remote Learning & Covid-19 Recovery Funding:  Mr M Burge 

Skills Audit & Action Plans:  Mrs L. Musson  

SEND Governor: Ms J. Clarke   

Pupil Premium: Mr M Burge 

Health & Safety: Mr M Burge  

Safeguarding: Mr M Burge/Mrs L Musson

English/Mathematics: Mrs L. Musson    

Curriculum Overview including PSHE:   Mrs L Musson  

Parent Communication:  Mrs H. Lamb   

SFVS: Mr M. Burge & Mrs J Miller 

Training: Ms J. Clarke 

GDPR: Mr M. Burge

Website Compliance: Mrs M. Van De Kaa-Thomson                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Full Governing Body  Designation Date Appointed  Under Current Designation *           
Mr C. Ballard Co-Opted 20/03/18
Mrs G. Becconsall Co-Opted 13/04/15
Mr M. Burge Co-Opted 13/04/15
Ms J. Clarke LA Governor 20/03/18
Mr G. Denton Headteacher 01/09/19
Mrs E. Fleming Co-Opted 13/04/15
Mr J. Hatjoullis Parent Governor 14/11/20
Mrs H. Lamb Parent Governor 14/11/20
Mrs J. Miller Staff Governor 17/07/20
Mrs L. Musson Co-Opted 14/11/20
Mrs M. Van De Kaa-Thomson Co-Opted 13/04/15

* Due to LCC re-allocation: a number of governors were re-appointed on the 13/04/15 under a new term of office as a co-opted governor. Many of these had served previous terms under other designations.

The full governing body has three formal meetings per academic year. In addition to this, there is a Standards Committee (3 meetings per academic year - and a range of bespoke Governor Challenge SEC events), Resources Committee (3 meetings per academic year) & Pay Committee (2 meetings per academic year) - which meet on a regular calendar. In addition our specialist governors meet regularly with school leaders upon their specific areas. 


The summary below captures our most recent, and current, actions in relation to training, accountability, challenge, strategic planning and preparation for the future.


The governing body evaluates and plans future work in line with six areas of effective governance. Our latest skills audit (or review of strengths and next steps) led to us taking the following steps to further enhance our work and act upon any areas where we felt we could/can improve. This means that work is logically undertaken and no time is wasted as we work alongside Mr Denton and his team. It is also helping us to increase capacity and create longer term continuity in our work and needs. Mrs Musson was recruited due to her financial background and ability to add capacity in an area of need that we had identified. We were also able to recruit Parent Governors in recent times that were elected with an emphasis upon experience of Primary education and prior links to parental voice and its links to school - again - targeted areas that we identified and were able to successfully recruit towards. Mr Denton and his team have the philosophy of 'always start with why you are doing something'. We share this approach and have used this work to drive our next steps. We believe the governing body is more effective as a result. 


Alongside Mr Denton, the governing body identied the need to create our own first hand evidence to judge the impact of the our school leaders development plan actions. Whilst we meet regularly and receive relevant information which forms the basis of questioning and analysis, we wanted to see impact and current position of school ourselves. We therefore devised challenge events where teams/pairs of governors visit classrooms, chat with learners, meet with staff, study the learning environment and any other relevant evidence to form what we call a three point 'or triangulated' body of evidence to form our own judgements about the progress of the school. It is not our role to judge the quality of teaching and learning - but is the role of governors to have enough evidence to hold leaders to account and to know the school's current position in order to support leaders work. An example of our challenge report template is attached below. We are finding this work to be a huge step forward and have a full programme planned for the months ahead.                              


During our evaluation of governance, we planned to increase our own training and knowledge by creating a study group that looks at aspects of Mayfield's work. We receive training, updates and then study items in a discussion forum. It is a deeper dive into those important areas of governance that our formal meetings do not always offer the time or chance to undertake. We still attend relevant central training and remain up-to-date but this is largely an 'in house' body of work which we can really personalise to what we need. We have most recently been studying the new approaches to teaching and learning that Mr Denton and his team have been driving through school. We have studied the 'learned helplessness' philosophy and its impact upon our school community and have studied the key data headlines by looking at DfE documents, we have more recently been looking at our new curriculum, its approach, methods, coverage and its linked Classroom Craft elements. We have also undertake study upon the remote learning and catch-up funding in order to ensure we continue to find active solution to a very difficult period of time caused by Covid-19. Mr Denton always works with governors to share the current approach to staff development and progression. It is interesting work and is greatly enhancing the understanding of teaching and learning progress for the governors involved.    


We have been working on ways to develop our voice with families within the community. There is still work to do but our first actions have been to play an active role in new Parent Forums and then to play a similar role at our newly planned Open Events and curriculum Parent Celebration events. Governors attend these in order to be a visible presence, to listen to parent views and to offer any thoughts as required. This is a very practical step and, as virus restrictions allow, we have other actions around visibility and voice to implement in the coming months. In 2021/2022, we have placed two points into the calendar to gather stakeholder views on the progress of school as another way to remain abreast of the impact of our leaders planned actions.                                                                       


Since we appointed Mr Denton to the role of headteacher, he has worked alongside the governing body to re-imagine and re-energise our core school intent and what it stands for. This has then moved into the whole school review and re-launch of the curriculum as 'When I Grow Up...'. We have offered our views, thoughts and aspects which we feel meet the needs of our families in our school community and from there have empowered Mr Denton and his team to make this happen. We are spending extensive time during meeting and Governor Challenge Events looking first-hand at the ongoing impact of this development plan work.                                                                                    


Since Mr Denton's arrival we have worked alongside him to re-shape the kind of information we would like from him and how we would like him, and his team, to present this. A working group - alongside LCC advisors - created new ways to study our children's achievements, attendance and behaviour. We then received full training on this for all governors. This work has ensured that we are receiving the correct information, can ask the correct questions and inform our strategic role in school. We discuss this area constantly and have reviewed processes ready for the months ahead - the latest work has included practical revisions to the way in which our Standards Committee meet and operare alongside the extension of Governor Challenge Events. 



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