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Our core school intent runs through every aspect of our teaching and learning. It is our philosophy and approach in every subject area. It is how we teach and learn. Every leader commits to this. But every subject must have its own Programme of Study - its own lines of progression for the knowledge and skills we plan to teach and therefore its own rationale/intent for what we teach and learn. This is the rationale for this ‘prior, now and next’ in our subject.

During Early Years, we aim to ensure that the children have a continuous thread of fundamental skill development throughout the year. In addition to this, we have programmed their work so that the children work in dance, gymnastics and have the opportunity to develop their skills for individual and team games. All of which cover the crucial Physical Development aspects of the EYFS Framework. In doing so, we are establishing a skill set that can be progressively developed during Key Stage 1. 

There is a conscious decision to make the fundamental skills an everpresent aspect across Key Stage 1. Our children need this and we feel this is the strongest grounding for lasting progression in all areas of Physical Education as they move into Key Stage 2. We have deliberately increased our outdoor games time, in line with the new school sporting uniform which cuts down on preparation and changing, whilst our children greatly need and benefit from the outdoor, team nature of their Physical Education providing a more frequent and  necessary active and social opportunity. We believe the games aspect is particularly effective at doing this for our children. We aim for the majority of our children to have mastered their fundamental skills by the end of year 2 and we then aim to see these applied in the gymnastics, dance and games areas of the Physical Education curriculum. We also aim for the children to have accessed a broad range of different games by the end of Key Stage 1 i.e. cricket, tennis, basketball. 

As we move through Lower Key Stage 2, we have devised the opportunity for intervention for any children requiring rapid catch-up in their fundamental skills in year 3 and the opportunity to apply them within a specifically planned unit at year 4. This core set of skills require, in our view, substantial time for our children to show readiness for more substantial sport based work. We want to see their readiness rather than simply plouging onwards and have therefore allowed for this in our planning. We have planned to introduce Outdoor Adventurous Activities from year 4 onwards and this recurs and builds each year from there. Our range of sports are chosen carefully to ensure that each academic years meet the expectations required as we move from cricket to rounders, through a range of invasion and net games and build the opportunities for track and field in athletics. Every area carefully chosen and positioned.

Specific dance and gymnastic work is planned progressively for each year group across school and this builds into an expressive arts piece in year 6 in our ABC Theatre. We have planned for our year 6 cohort to undertake the swimming programme. This has moved since the disruption caused by Covid-19 and ensures each of our cohorts receive their core programme and the opportunity for focused swimming intervention, in addition to this, during Summer Term.

Take a look at the Coverage Overview below and our Programme of Study: Progression & Milestones document. Download them at the base of the page and then take a look at the 'Implement & Impact' section of the website to see how we bring this to life with the help of our ‘how’ Classroom Craft philosophy.



* After those prolonged periods of Covid-19 disruption, I am working hard to develop and enhance the wider and extra-curricular offer for our children including the intra-school competition aspect and the Fit2Learn active lunchtime zones. 

* As part of the above, we have now launched our Forest School and, although at an early stage of development, is now being accessed by groups across school.

A great deal of my work at this stage is about getting our children as busy and active as possible once again as the antidote to that lost time and lack of activity during the two prolonged lockdown periods which are thankfully becoming a more distant memory! Therefore creating the opportunities outlined above are vital. This work is ongoing and is running alongside my regular monitoring of the P.E. curriculum. 

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