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Physical Education


  Mr Baer & Miss Woodcock

Enrichment PE: Mrs Bairstow                                                                                                            Lunchtime Sports Play Manager:  Mrs Lloyd



'We intend to see our children socially, morally and academically ready for the future.  All in equal measure but driven by the social and moral aspects. Our journey is as much about ‘how we approach our learning’ as anything else. Learning to learn is vital for our children. A thirst to learn from mistakes, ability to bounce back from difficulties, be resilient and be independent as against a culture of ‘learned helplessness’. This will prepare them for the challenges and opportunities they may face in their future and this can foster ambition and aspiration to be the person we hope they can become. We drive and celebrate the skills and qualities that will bring this about and attempt to develop a more rounded, inclusive and understanding view of the modern wider world.  Our children’s speaking, listening, confidence and presentational skills are absolutely paramount to all of this and we aim to develop these continually within a curriculum that is broad, well balanced and seizes the importance of our locality, creativity and ‘performing arts’.   


At Mayfield we intend for Physical Education to promote, and educate, a healthier lifestyle by making our children more active through our core and enrichment curriculum offer. We see this subject as a prime opportunity to develop social and mental well-being becoming more resilient to the highs and lows sport can bring and to see how physical education can foster ambitions and aspirations in our children for when they 'grow up'. To do so we aim to offer a well planned, balanced PE curriculum that is supported by a constant enrichment offer which emcompasses lunchtime, targeted, additional, ring-fenced time and extra-curricular opportunities that generate greater participation from more of our children and impact upon them socially and physically. PE can help to make us 'Fit to Learn' and fit for the challenges ahead in life and is an achievement we will enable and value. 


We are an extremely busy and new team. Since the appointment of Mr Denton as headteacher, the brief has been clear to up the participation and profile of physical education across school for all staff and pupils. More precise planned use of our Sports Premium is now enabling an enlarged team to have the capacity to train, plan, lead and monitor this work as it emerges alongside our new Mayfield curriculum. This work is captured by the four agreed goals below: 

* generate an extensive range of intra-school competition within our wider curriculum; 

* ensure we meet our inactive pupil targets by greatly enhancing our 'Fit to Learn' lunchtime and extra-curricular offer;

* focus upon increasing the skills and capacity of the teaching staff to deliver physical education with increased confidence and challenge;

* ensure that all aspects of the physical education curriculum demonstrate progression and that coverage is appropriate across school.

During 2019/2020 Autumn & Spring Term we undertook an extensive audit of provision at lunchtime and considered the current use of the Sports Premium moving forward and its current impact - alongside our new headteacher. It has been the perfect opportunity to take stock of provision and set out the long term goals (above) that will achieve maximum impact.

We have designed and implemented a 'Fit to Learn' lunchtime offer which is constantly evolving. Alongside the PSHE Leader, we created zones and Play Leaders as major aspects of this. We also now have a number of teachers offering sporting sessions at lunchtime and our teaching assistant team taking onboard lunchtime play zone responsibilities, all acting as strong role models as we re-design our staffing timetable and routines to add capacity and numbers to our physical education offer. In addition to this, we are formulating a new physical education target group register in order to design opportunities for increased participation and how to monitor their engagement in our enrichment offer. This runs alongside our newly refreshed enrichment clubs programme (to be launched and implemented when Covid-19 restrictions allow us to do so). 

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