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  Mrs McLintock



'We intend to see our children socially, morally and academically ready for the future.  All in equal measure but driven by the social and moral aspects. Our journey is as much about ‘how we approach our learning’ as anything else. Learning to learn is vital for our children. A thirst to learn from mistakes, ability to bounce back from difficulties, be resilient and be independent as against a culture of ‘learned helplessness’. This will prepare them for the challenges and opportunities they may face in their future and this can foster ambition and aspiration to be the person we hope they can become. We drive and celebrate the skills and qualities that will bring this about and attempt to develop a more rounded, inclusive and understanding view of the modern wider world.  Our children’s speaking, listening, confidence and presentational skills are absolutely paramount to all of this and we aim to develop these continually within a curriculum that is broad, well balanced and seizes the importance of our locality, creativity and ‘performing arts’.   


Children are naturally curious and as such thrive from the experimental and investigative nature of science. At Mayfield, we nurture this curiosity in order to develop knowledge and skills, enabling the children to discover why science matters in the wider world. Our school strives to develop resilient and independent learners who are ready to tackle the current and future challenges facing our planet.


'When I Grow Up...'  implementation and monitoring of its initial impact is my current occupation. Here are the three key goals I want to see in place. 

* our unique position on the west coast must be central to our curriculum studies - it is a prime local resource to explore. Let’s bring the ecosystems and habitats of our coastline and countryside to our children, and vice versa. 

* make our science as practical as possible. This hands-on learning experience prompts thinking about the world in which we live, helping build a bridge between what children observe and scientific concepts.

* ensure that the key aspects of the science curriculum demonstrate progression – focusing particularly on how we work scientifically.

I am currently checking planning and supporting teachers in the preparation of their first 'When I Grow Up...'  theme and making sure these three main goals are considered alongside ensuring our science curriculum implements our core vision at every opportunity. I am looking for those practical opportunities for learning above all else as they have the benefit of enabling positive talk and debate. I am particularly aware of the new vocabulary opportunities we possess in science.Our children are ready to be immersed in the precise terms we use in science and we do not simply want the same few words to be used to describe their findings and observations. Let's get the terminology in there from an early stage and not be afraid to use - be brave and challenging! I want to see this approach taken to scientific terms in our new curriculum. 'Lets Talk at Mayfield'.

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