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At Mayfield, our core intent describes the importance of talk, perform and present. Art & Design is an ideal creative vehicle for this as it effectively can and should embrace all three.  Pablo Picasso said, “Every child is an artist” and in order to support this we need to know their specific starting points as they embark upon new skills. We will embrace our unique locality and region in our planned themes and activities as this subject captures the history of our area so vividly. Art & Design is a perfect example of learning from mistakes and we want our children to embrace a draft, refine and polish approach meaning their first attempt should never be their only attempt. A drive to study different media and learn from the work of great artists and sculpters is key to our knowledge and understanding in our subject. 

  • Watercolour year 5 focus
  • EYFS Framework integration


Our new curriculum 'When I Grow Up...' is my current priority as art leader. I have been working with the senior leaders and class teachers on three main goals that we wish to see:

* the rich artistic heritage of the north west of England must enhance our teaching and learning - the cultural significance of the towns and cities that inspired the likes of John Ruskin and LS Lowry cannot be underestimated. 

* make our art as purposeful as possible. This is a great opportunity for art work to exhibited. Our new Mayfield Theatre and parent celebration events will give all children the space and audience for their work to be appreciated.

* ensure that the key aspects of the art curriculum demonstrate progression - with a particular drive upon a range of different media for our children to express themselves.

I have been involved in the Middle Leader Development Programme in recent times which focuses upon my role as the new Art & Design Leader at Mayfield.

I have been carefully considering the intent for the subject in line with our core school belief. I am currently gathering evidence from our new 'When I Grow Up...' curriculum's Summer Term work. This has involved studying planning, linking it to our Progression And Expectations Document and then studying the pupil outcomes. This work is ongoing but is designed at being able to ensure that standards in my subject are accurate and are broadly in line with what we see from our children in other subjects so that we can build that Cultural Capital that we talk about.  

At this moment, I am scrutinising planning to consider the prominence of vocabulary and questions within there and then pursuing this in the classroom. I am also beginning to see the initial outcomes from the first term of our stage two 'how we learn' curriculum process. I am interested to match these with the planning work we undertook together during February and March 2021. Finally, I am developing a new Curriculum Map to ensure coverage and progression is clearly evident across all aspects and year groups. 

The new Progression & Expectations Document is helping staff to plan carefully - formulate smaller steps in learning and their learning objectives, identify what needs to be taught and then acts an end of term/year expectations assessment tool. 

Next steps for myself are continuing to develop the exemplar portfolio of progression across each year group and the continuation of the new Curriculum Map for our Summer Term. Lots to do. 

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