Valuing Every Achievement







A 'When I Grow Up' Spring Summary

When I Grow Up... welcomed Let's Bake as our Stunning Start event to our St Annes in Bloom studies. The children enjoyed a creative day with local town centre business 'Cakes & Bakes' working with the children on the importance of their town and then taking part in baking and decorating sessions - the buns were fabulous...too fabulous...and eaten in no time! During the Parent Celebration, we welcomed families into school for our ABC Theatre: Market Place. This allowed the children to present and share their work about our local town, environment, its habitats and the plants and animals that we discovered during the term.

We constructed some fabulous floral mobiles for our artwork this term. The children enjoyed working with a range of materials and in 3-D. Continuing the plants theme, we designed and made mini greenhouses during our structures focus in Design & Technology. This was the first time this year we had made structures together and this challenging goal really made the children think hard about the best way to join materials and how they could design them with strength in mind. They really begun to understand the idea of trial and error and how frustrating it can be at times...but then valuing achievements often has to include mistakes to learn from along the way just as our vision states. 

We introduced the children to pictures and symbols when performing Music this term. As part of our model music curriculum work, we begun to link images to the playing of a note with our glockenspiels.  In our Physical Education work we continued to make progress with our Fundamental Skills programme that runs throughout the first three years in school. Demonstrating spatial awareness when working with the ball, in both basketball and football, and catching the ball in a ready position and throwing a ball underarm to a target were the major skills we developed during our introduction to cricket shortly before Easter.

'St Annes in Bloom' marks the beginning of our local study focus that runs about the next six years. After introducing our local community and our own history during Early Years, the children have been introduced to their town, how it looks, what features it has and what makes it special. This local study runs through both History and Geography and led to our first field trip which was a visit to Ashton Gardens to explore its importance and its role in our local town. We have made the plantlife, flowers and colours a particular focus during our studies as our town is known for its beautiful appearance. By the end of the term, the children were now ready to explore more and develop their local studies further in the years ahead. Our Science studies were planned to run alongside these, as our work focused upon plants and seasonal weather. We enjoyed naming common wild and garden plants and trees - particularly important during our field work. We also begun naming the basic structure of plants and considered how changes in the weather and day length affected how and when plants can grow well - the children can now build upon this in the coming plantlife themes to follow. In our Religious Education sessions we have been looking at Palm Sunday and looked at the challenges of friendship when we discussed Jesus as a friend to Christians.

Developing work from Spring and Summer in Early Years, the children used paint tools in Computing to develop an image of 'St Annes in Bloom' similar to the one we experienced during our field trip to the town gardens. During our PSHE & Relationships work we have been thinking about our role in the wider world. How we care for others' needs and, in line with our wider themes, how we care for the environment. We also began consider about communicating safely online as part of our e-safety studies across school. 


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