Valuing Every Achievement


We will challenge. We will dare to do. We will make mistakes. We will learn. We are changing the traditional views and landscape.

A warm welcome to everyone as I continue my role as your new headteacher. Second year - but in real terms a greatly interrupted time by this terrible Covid-19 virus. This virus will unfortunately be an active part of our lives for at least the medium term, but it will not become a barrier to our progress – just another hurdle that we will climb. It cannot stop our path forward.

So, in real terms still a small number of school days to begin changing our systems, methods, approach and the outward perception of our school. As an experienced headteacher, I know that changing a tide that has built over long periods is not a simple process. Losing a reputation is instant, building one in the way we wish to be perceived takes years. I have learned much in the first few months here and seen how deep rooted and historic certain beliefs or myths are about our school, discovering who is with us on the journey and how we can take those forward has been key, but I have recently taken great pleasure in listening to the growing number of positive statements and remarks I am hearing across the community and beyond about the emergence of a ‘new’ Mayfield.

When building a new journey and breaking cycles and perspectives that are almost habitual, we will have to be strong, we will have to challenge existing beliefs and behaviours. We will not agree all of the time. But this is good. No-one wants things to remain the same and everyone wishes to bring about long lasting improvement, rather than short term fixes, so you have to accept that we will ‘break a few eggs’ along the way - to coin a phrase. Changing hearts and minds and bringing everyone with us is a massive challenge but with patience, a realisation about the potential and passion that now exists and taking the hand of trust will ensure that the vast majority of us can work together to change the traditional landscape. What had gone before needed to change. It is changing.

Mayfield is a school that can take advice, possess humility, be strong and have conviction when we believe we are making decisions for the right reasons, yet also know that we are human and will constantly learn, as we all should, as we move everyday through life. We will make mistakes. We should do if we are trying to improve and be more than the school has been before. Mistakes are the greatest teacher and the success that follows will be all the more secure because of it. This is part of our vision for our children and staff. Why be afraid just because someone may think you can’t do it or wishes to keep you in a particular place because it suits their belief?

We will never be afraid to try new ideas and initiatives or make changes that we believe will improve the social and academic experience for our children. I expect us to be bold and to dare to do. I expect the best from everyone at Mayfield - we will not compromise as, over the years ahead, we become ever stronger in our teaching, learning and behaviour expectations - a positive, determined attitude to school life is a necessity for everyone who walks through our door.

Be in no doubt that teaching is our passion. It is our drive. It is more than a job - it is a way of life. It is our reason for being here. Everything is geared towards valuing every social, moral and academic achievement in a climate that enables that deeper, independent, resilient, personalised learning that many would describe as unlocking the spiritual development in everyone.

'Valuing Every Achievement' is a constant thread. A vision/intent that is everywhere in our school. The new ‘When I Grow Up…’ curriculum carries and embodies this as we aim to send our children onto the next stage in their lives socially and academically ready, in equal measure, to make a difference to our local community and beyond.

I always talk honestly, with passion and belief. I don’t believe in blinding people with the same old worn out words and methods. We have a once in a generation chance to make Mayfield’s long term future more than some would hope it to be.

Keep turning the page, we can achieve so much and change the landscape….

Mr G T Denton (Headteacher)     



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