Valuing Every Achievement

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  Leader: Mr Baer


All clubs, except our externally led Theatre Club, are undertaken on a voluntary basis by staff and are delivered at their own goodwill. Our staff are asked to draw upon their our areas of leadership, experience, interest and skills to design a calendar for our children that reaches out to every year group over the full year cycle. Our programme is deliberately called 'clubs and enrichment opportunities' as, although these run after the standard school day, some events and clubs will also include wider sporting and performance opportunities on certain school afternoons across the year. Clubs consider sensible capacity and cap these as necessary to ensure provision can be of maximum quality to impact positively upon all those attending. Clubs are there for the enrichment opportunities they offer, school reserves the right to refuse attendance should the behaviour of any individual be deemed detrimental to the delivery of the offer. Should clubs be over-subscribed a ‘blind draw’ will be made to ascertain the final list. We do not operate a first-come-first-served system. We will wait to see final numbers at the expression of interest deadline. The clubs are not ‘free childcare’ and should not be perceived as such when expressing interest on behalf of your child/ren. Individual club leaders will distribute their own correspondence to the appropriate year groups outlining full details. Children are collected from the playground for all clubs. Group leaders will bring the children out onto the playground. Safe collection of the children at the end of each club is the responsibility of parents/guardians and by signing up to a club you are agreeing to abide by the safe collection at the appropriate time. All school led clubs are free of charge. Take a look below to see our latest offer for the year ahead or download a PDF version at the base of the page. Take a look at our FOOTBALL MINI LEAGUE, NETBALL MINI LEAGUE and CRICKET SUPER 8s pages for more information on our innovative intra-school competitive sports programme that we have invested in further this year. We continually expand and grow what we can offer and are designing unique arenas for each of these - showing that we live our vision for 'valuing every achievement'.    





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