Valuing Every Achievement



  Mr Baer



'We intend to see our children socially, morally and academically ready for the future.  All in equal measure but driven by the social and moral aspects. Our journey is as much about ‘how we approach our learning’ as anything else. Learning to learn is vital for our children. A thirst to learn from mistakes, ability to bounce back from difficulties, be resilient and be independent as against a culture of ‘learned helplessness’. This will prepare them for the challenges and opportunities they may face in their future and this can foster ambition and aspiration to be the person we hope they can become. We drive and celebrate the skills and qualities that will bring this about and attempt to develop a more rounded, inclusive and understanding view of the modern wider world.  Our children’s speaking, listening, confidence and presentational skills are absolutely paramount to all of this and we aim to develop these continually within a curriculum that is broad, well balanced and seizes the importance of our locality, creativity and ‘performing arts’.   


Computing at Mayfield equips pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world. Our children, having grown up with technology, may naturally develop into competent operators. We strive to help our children understand how best to apply their skills safely and ethically, encouraging a generation of digitally literate pupils. There are innumerable benefits to be gained through cross curricular links with other subjects particularly maths, science and DT. We encourage children to use ICT and computing to solve problems grounded in their own meaningful experiences. 


Our new curriculum 'When I Grow Up...' is the focus of my attention. I want to see three clear goals in our computing curriculum:

* ensure that the computing curriculum delivers a broad range of skills across the three aspects of the computing curriculum: digital literacy, information technology and computer science; 

* ensure cross curricular application of skills to reflect our ever digitising world;

* ensure that the key aspects of the computing curriculum demonstrate progression.

I have been spending my most recent leadership time working with my senior colleagues on each of these goals alongside ensuring our computing curriculum implements our core vision at every opportunity. The overview and progression work is complete we now await the new term to launch the work itself and this will allow me to monitor its progress. I am particularly keen to see the role that my subject can play when considering our Parent Celebration work in this current Covid-19 situation and how we can share and present our outcomes. We can combine our personal presentation and speaking skills with our computing facilities to find a bridge between school and home when sharing and communicating work and in doing so valuing and celebrating every achievement.





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