Valuing Every Achievement

Curriculum Themes

*** A Response to Changing Starting Points ***

As part of our curriculum design, the teaching staff re-draft and re-visit their thematic studies each year. Our priority for 2021/2022 - as was the case in March 2021 - was to assess and design the second stage of the curriculum to reflect the knowledge and skills recovery required during the partial closure and remote learning period from January to March 2021. In doing so, the teaching staff had to consider the last pieces of 'open school' evidence rather than simply moving on with our 'When I Grow Up..' initial plans. More than ever the revised planning had to reflect the real starting points across our subjects rather than the expected progress that we plan for during 'normal' times. 

Overview Notes

Our curriculum is designed into five clear areas, our subjects are placed within this areas. They form the rainbow rays of light you see on our design. They have been created to reflect the implementation of our vision by promoting achievement in all areas of learning. Mathematics and English are not placed within these as they run across each area.

'I Wonder Statements...' form the starting point for the seven year curriculum journey and form the starting points for the 'When I Grow Up...' themes from year 1 onwards. The reception year is the starting point for the knowledge and skills progression that follows in all subjects.

Each subject has a leader and supporting teaching assistant colleague and for 2021/2022 will have student leaders as well.

ORANGE......represents.....our achievements as investigators.   (SCIENCE)

PURPLE........represents.....our achievements as communicators.    (COMPUTING/MFL)

YELLOW.......represents....our achievements as creators.       (MUSIC/ART/DT/PHYSICAL EDUCATION/DRAMA)

DEEP RED.......represents....our achievements as enquirers.     (HISTORY/GEOGRAPHY/RELIGIOUS EDUCATION) 

GREEN......brings the curriculum together and represents our children as young people.   (PSHE)


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