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  The team consists of DSL, Deputy DSLs, Achivement Leader, Assessment Lead (as required), Headteacher (as required) and First Response Attendance Monitor.

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Whilst Mayfield's attendance figures are above all national and local comparisons, there is no doubt that attendance and attitudes to school attendance are declining rapidly across the country.  Despite the above positive context, we are also finding our figures falling despite remaining on the positive side of any measure. So we have taken a two pronged approach to attendance and punctuality this year. Yes, we have enhanced and increased the profile and position of our rewards and incentives, but we have also increased our monitoring systems - most specifically for chronic low attendance - we must offer positivity but equally there must be accountability for families who persistently fall into worrying attendance patterns. This is sometimes a tough message but it cannot always be about waving away fundamental issues that affect learning. Finding a balance between being positive but being clear when attendance is an issue and addressing this directly is equally as important. Below is a summary of the updated systems and incentives and you can find a copy of our latest policy at the bottom of this page.ATTENDANCE REWARD SYSTEMS.jpg


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