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        Mrs Duerden - English Lead  *** Mrs Miller - Phonics/Early Reading/Reading Intervention Lead





We are extremely busy at the moment developing three key areas linked to our development plan:

1. MAKING SPEAKING AND LISTENING A CENTRAL PART OF EVERY DAY AND EVERY WEEK. (See 'Let's Talk at Mayfield' page for full details.)

We are currently working alongside LCC on training which is aimed at the embedding of vocabulary and speech at the heart of the day's activities across the curriculum as a result we are currently trialling a range of different activities and ideas which run alongside the prominence of oracy in our new curriculum preparations and within our focus upon performing and presenting for different audiences.

Our Let's Talk & Let's Perform projects work fits perfectly alongside our work with our LCC colleagues and are already altering the landscape of our learning at Mayfield and interesting ensure that speech and vocabulary are achievements we enable and value - as our vision tells us.

2. Developing our reading into writing process at KS1.

As a school we have studied carefully the key factors to increasing our children's progress in writing in year 1 and year 2. So we have embarked upon units of work in KS1 which focus more directly upon how we use our ideas from reading in our own writing - essentially the transferance of vocabulary and sentence structures into independent work. We studied carefully how we could best unlock this and we asked our LCC advisory team to support us on making a more fluid unit of work and then consider the way in which we teach and apply this. Our new 'enquiry based' approach in KS1 is enabling the team to give more precise input to smaller numbers who can independently apply this within our pre-prepared areas of provision. We are already encouraged by the feedback from initial external reviews we have initiated and now require time to embed this further. It is interesting to see how our professional development work with our teaching assistant team is enabling this approach to be maximised and we also begun to apply our live marking philosophy which is creating that immediate reflection and checking in our young writers. It is already great to see our children wanting to review their work, find improvements and use their speech to drive this. 

3. Raising the profile and consistency of reading through school.

Our 'pupil voice' discussions tell us that our children love reading - our vision states we must value and enable any achievement, so we have targeted the range, appropriate challenge, love and position of reading as a key to sustaining and accelerating progress across school. Since November last year, we have left no stone unturned as we search for the right formula for our children. Our children are now ready to receive 'Never Ending Stories', 'Teacher Recommends: A Top 20 of Books', 'Our 40 Book Challenge' 'Talk for Reading Gang', 1-2-1 reading for all children across an eight day cycle, new book banding, the creation of the first indoor and outdoor 'Secret Garden Library', Classic Story Time and crucially making our room a spider's web which captures the precise vocabulary which will help our young writers. Our book banding of texts in school has been a vital process,  so that again they can assist with the engagement, interest and appropriate challenge for children as they begin to turn their imagination in words and research their interests and topics with appropriate non-fiction. We are also working hard to launch new reading domain characters which will really focus the children's responses to reading and importantly help families to ask children about their reading at home using specific tools. We are preparing a school community launch for World Book Day 2020. We are particularly excited about the priority that children's Let's Talk at Mayfield oracy project. It is an exciting and busy time to be an English Leader at Mayfield - hence why there are two of us!

Check back soon as we add resources to our new website.

* We follow Pearson's Reading Scheme throughout school - all relevant levels of book are fully decodable. We follow Letters and Sounds as our phonics scheme. This is supplemented by Jolly Phonics in Reception class.



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