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A 'When I Grow Up' Spring Summary

When I Grow Up... welcomed special guests to school for our 'Special People...Special Skills' as our Stunning Start event to our Earth in 2022 theme. Our visitors to school included a nurse who took the children through the jobs she has to do and showed many of the instruments she uses in her work. They then discussed how Florence Nightingale may have worked in much harder conditions many, many years earlier. Just before Easter, we welcomed families to our specially prepared gallery in order to see the people we have studied and the importance of their achievements at our special Parent Celebration

The children focused upon the achievements of Clarice Cliff during their Art this term - designing and making clay pots drawing inspiration from Cliff's work. Whilst in Design & Technology we planned, prepared (and enjoyed) an 'Around the World' banquet to celebrate the regions we have explored this term via our special people studies. It proved to be a real mix of tastes - and spices!

We have continued to implement the model Music curriculum across school this term and it has been the musicianship/perfoming studies during the last few months. We have been using the glockenspiels to read and perfom using dot notations to perfom 3 note tunes. The children were great and are really getting to grips with reading this basic notation. We have continued to build upon and pursue our fundamental skills in Physical Education whilst developing our passing and moving into space within our invasion football games and skills sessions. During gymnastics we have been rolling and jumping when creating a movement sequence. It was great to see the many varying skills needed in each of these areas and how everyone was able to excel in some way for aspects of these. Brilliant!

History and Geography were once again major drivers for our studies this term. This term's work has been built upon the special skills and abilities of historical figures and their achievements. Inspired by what the children had learned about Amy Johnson and Dame Sarah Storey in Year 1, we moved into studies of Rosa Parks, Mary Seacole, Christopher Columbus, Alexander Graham Bell and many more. We looked at the changes they brought about and they influence changes today in the way we live and think. Continents and oceans were the focus of our geography work as we built upon the chidren's introduction in Year 1. During Autumn Term, we took a greater focus upon oceans so this time we looked in detail at continents. The children mapped out where our historical figures travelled and where their notable events and actions took place, whilst continuing to develop their understanding of our world and our position within it. 

We studied plants and humans from a growth point of view during our Science work and began to consider how we can keep healthy and what the effects of this can be upon our healthy growth as young people. In our Religious Education learning, we considered the importance of prayer to Muslims and explored how they pray five times per day. When studying Christianity, we learned to re-tell the Easter story and learned about its significance. 

In our Computing, we had great fun sending and receiving mock emails from historic figures that we have been studying. Rehearsing electronic communication safety and skills within this context proved interesting and exciting and allowed us to complete our online safety focus within this. Considering what we would say to Amy Johnson and Rosa Parks was quite a challenging experience for the children. Our PSHE & Relationships work moved into our 'Living in the Wider World' study. We considered what it means to belong to a group and how this can be both good and bad at times. We also looked at needs v wants in relation to money and related this to the Christmas celebrations that the majority of the children had returned from. 

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