Valuing Every Achievement


We are proud to announce that Mayfield Primary School now has a record number of children taking part in music tuition. After our recent keyboard recruitment drive, we now have overwhelming demand to add to our creative arts portfolio.

What makes it particularly special is that school has committed to sponsoring a place for every child and family that require financial support to unlock their potential and enthusiasm. Our sponsorship of children is a personal source of pride for myself as it demonstrates that our commitment to ‘valuing every achievement’ is more than just words. We mean what we say and we look forward to seeing our musicians develop over the coming months and years. Under the subject leadership of Mrs Rickwood and, through the support of Mr Lee, we look forward to showcasing their growing talent through concerts later in the school year.

In addition to this we are about to launch our first ever 1-2-1 dramatic arts qualification programme with Emily Laws School of Acting leading the LAMDA training with individuals shortly.

Furthermore, in a unique move for any primary school, we have this week launched a special LAMDA qualification for a whole year group. Mayfield has invested in year 6 undertaking a ‘choral speaking’ drama qualification. This has huge benefits for our children’s confidence, their chance to widen their range of skills and talents, will hugely help with their ability to present and speak to different audiences and includes extensive study into the history of significant writers, performers and playwrights. Running alongside our cultural capital studies across this year group it means we are developing a unique offer that each of our children will have access to as they journey through Mayfield.

This comes in addition to our Theatre Club which runs each Tuesday from 3.15—4.30pm and culminates in a performance of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in the ABC Theatre on the 14th December.


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